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Vehicle Report from UK

Cars from the UK will no longer remain a mystery to buyers. VIN-Info has access to detailed data about vehicles in the UK based on databases such as MOT, DVLA, PNC or MIAFTR. Our report will surely provide you with additional knowledge about vehicles from the UK.

The VIN-INFO report for UK vehicles consists of the following sections:

Vehicle information - here you will find a summary of basic manufacturer information about the vehicle. For example about the make and model and information on the exhaust emission standard.

Vehicle status contains tax and registration information. Thanks to them, you will find out if the vehicle has tax paid and what tax rate is due. The registration information will give you knowledge about the number of license plates, the number of owners or V5 certificates (documents issued by DVLA).

Another point in the report for vehicles from the UK is information from the databases of stolen vehicles.

In the vehicle history section, you will read the data obtained from the MOT (Ministry of Transport) test. You will check if the vehicle has a current MOT test entitling it to drive on British roads and you will learn about the historical records of the tests carried out.

Thanks to the history of events, you can check whether the vehicle was marked as a wreck, intended for scrapping and whether it has a certificate of destruction (CoD).

The available mileage readings will show whether the mileage of the vehicle is reliable.

Technical information includes data such as make, model, engine capacity, engine power, vehicle dimensions or number of cylinders.

ATTENTION! It should be borne in mind that in the report we present the current data at the time of the search. For each vehicle, the scope of data will be different despite the use of the same information sources. The report described above contains all the available information, which does not mean that it will be all available for the selected vehicle each time.