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Vehicle Report from Holland

VWE is one of the foremost suppliers of vehicle information in the Netherlands. VWE has a wide range of data sources at its disposal. We can consult, for example, an extremely extensive RDW vehicle registration database, sources with technical vehicle information, sources with commercial vehicle information and interlinked information from the various sources of data.


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Report's sections

Each VWE Report is composed of the following sections:

1. Vehicle status

This section summarizes information about the current state and history of the vehicle in the Netherlands. Item Vehicle Status can warn us of post-accident vehicle or intended to be scrapped. We'll find out whether there is valid liability insurance and MOT. You can view the first and last date of registration, and whether the vehicle has not been registered in the Netherlands as a taxi.

report Netherlands vehicle history report Netherlands vehicle history

2. Basic Informations

This section contains basic information about the vehicle such as make, model, body type, number of doors, seats or color.

report Netherlands vehicle identification

3. Ownership history

This section contains a history of the vehicle registrations in the Netherlands. You'll find out here how many and what kind of vehicle owners it had (business or private). You may find that it has been a vehicle leasing or a taxi.

report Netherlands ownership history

4. Technical Details

This section contains a detailed list of technical detalis. The following subsections address such items as: engine, weight, dimensions, trailer, axles. As a buyer you may find valuable information on the type of fuel, the presence of LPG installation and emissions class.

report Netherlands vehicle information

NOTE: number of data available in each section of the report depend on the checked VIN.