The list of maintenance service procedures

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Guide to Report on Service Procedures

The vehicle history report is an invaluable source of information and may protect you against the purchase e.g. of a post-accident vehicle. Apart from the vehicle history, the issues related to its operation are also important. This is why the List of Service Procedures was prepared as an additional source of information about the vehicle.

It is a response to the needs of our customers and provides complementary information about the vehicle, as well as additional support when buying a car.

This is because a vehicle which is incorrectly used exposes the future buyer to additional expenses, which we are not necessarily aware of when making the purchase.

Enticed by attractive prices or low mileage in comparison with the production year, we may not realise that the vehicle that we chose has hidden used and worn elements. Their further use may cause a significant and expensive defect.

While creating the list of service procedures, we focused on the following two aspects:

  • Service procedures that should have taken place in the past during the vehicle use;
  • Service procedures required to be performed during future vehicle use with reference to the vehicle age and mileage.

These procedures were developed based on the long-term experience of car mechanics and list of defects characteristic for a specific car model.

Getting familiar with the List of Service Procedures before the car purchase will allow you to determine the actual cost of vehicle purchase, including necessary repairs and any other maintenance work.

The list of service activities consists of the following parts:

Report headline:

The report headline contains the basic designations of the checked vehicle (brand logotype and model).

This is followed by the type of fuel and declared vehicle mileage.


Below is the list of service procedures in chronological order.

The further part includes all service procedures for the vehicle model checked by us.


For each year of vehicle use, you will find the guidelines on what should be replaced and done in the vehicle.

In the following years of vehicle use, you will see a summary of further service work that will have to be carried out in the event of further vehicle use.


Your benefits resulting from having the service procedures:

  • You can check the entries in the service log against the List of Service Procedures;
  • You can check the list of service activities necessary to perform against the activities declared by the vehicle seller;
  • You get the bargaining chip for negotiating the price in the case of identifying repairs necessary to be performed;
  • You get information about the additional costs that you will have to incur during further vehicle use, and therefore, you will get to know the actual price of vehicle purchase;
  • You will assess the profitability of vehicle purchase.